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Lytec© powered by eMDs is a proven, trusted, and affordable practice management solution designed to simplify the way you run your practice. With each new release, it gets better and more powerful as new layers of functionality and usability are added. Here are just a few of the notable benefits of upgrading to Lytec 2020.

Engage Patients. Increase Collections. Streamline Operations.

New Charge Entry Message Alerts – Cleaner Claims, Reduced Denials, Faster Payments

Identifying incorrect or missing information prior to submitting charges can eliminate denials and help increase your revenue. 


Charge Entry Message Alerts

Claim rejections cost practices money. Staff time to rework denials is time that could be spent elsewhere. The more denials you have, the slower your payment cycle, and likely you will have complete loss of revenue for some denied claims. Now you can reduce rejections even more with customizable charge entry alerts that quickly notify your team when something is wrong so it can be fixed immediately by updating the MISSING or INCORRECT information – BEFORE submitting to the clearinghouse. The result: cleaner claims, faster payments, less costly rework, more predictable cash flow.

Duplex Scanning Capabilities Streamline Workflow

Duplex scanning saves your staff valuable time during the check-in process making them happy all while improving the patient experience. 

Duplex Scanning and More

In Lytec 2020, we’ve made scanning insurance cards a snap. Our new duplex scanning capabilities allow you scan both sides of the insurance card in one shot - cutting down on administrative tasks and allowing your front office staff to speed the patient check-in process. Also included is the ability to scan documents larger than insurance cards. Now you can scan any type or size documentation and attach it to your patient file.

New Eligibility Display to Improve Practice Collections

Cleaner, easy-to-read views speed the review process saving staff valuable time that can be put toward revenue generating efforts. 


Enhanced Eligibility Display

Improve cash flow!  Knowing patient-out-pocket costs has become more critical to practices with the rise in patient responsibility while practice costs continue to rise. The new eligibility display in Medisoft V24 makes it easy to see the patient coinsurance, deductible and other benefit information with a simple, easy to use tabbed format that makes life easier for your staff.

Patient Connect Enhancements Continue to Drive Patient Engagement Initiatives

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Patient Connect Enhancements

Patient engagement and marketing are critical for clinical quality and business success. In Lytec 2019, we introduced Patient Connect a powerful engagement tool that makes it easy to connect with your patients by sending email, personalized letters, postcards, or via phone campaigns.

Lytec 2020 enhances last year’s release with new filters to allow even more targeted promotions including attorney and employer filters. Also added is a progress bar and export confirmation prompt so it’s easy to know when your exports are ready to use.

Easy to See Patient Balances to Speed Patient Collections

Easy to see patient balances on the daily schedule allows for quick, efficient collection of outstanding payments. 


Patient Balances

The very best time to collect patient balances is during the check-in or check-out process. In Lytec 2020, you can now customize the daily schedule, on screen or in printed output, to include the patient balance as well as the account balance. This simple but powerful feature allows your front office staff to be proactive in collecting balances while the patient is in the office and can pay immediately.

Improve Collections, Eliminate Timely Filing Denials with New AR Tracker Filters

Filters allow you to pinpoint work efforts to improve collections and avoid denials. 


AR Tracker Filters

You asked and we answered, AR Tracker in Lytec 2020 has new filters for appointment and timely filing dates.


With the appointment filter you can run the AR tracker for just those patients coming in today to proactively review outstanding balances and create a collections action plan with your front office staff.


Timely filing filters allow you to focus on those charges that need immediate attention helping avoid any timely filing denials.

See Lytec 2020 in Action!

We've assembled some quick hitting video clips to help you learn more about
the new features in Lytec 2020. Scroll through to view them all. 

Supercharge Your Practice with the New and Improved Lytec Mobile App

Using Lytec Mobile, you can manage appointments,look up patient information, review patient visits, submit charges, and perform other vital tasks from anywhere at anytime.


Lytec Mobile v3.2, only available in Lytec 2020, includes a plethora of new mobile app enhancements designed to make your practice more efficient and effective. Updates include:

  • The ability to pull the permanent diagnosis and display on the patient preview card
  • New functionality that enables you to edit or delete an existing single appointment directly in the app.
  • Views for additional insurance information on the patient card, including policy information
  • The addition of a middle initial to your patient names for easier searching and sorting
  • Facility codes for more accurate facility selection.

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