Wellbox partners with healthcare providers, as a seamless extension of their practice, to deliver out-of-the-box care management services for patients with long-term health concerns.  

Company Overview

The Wellbox team of registered nurses leverage proprietary technology, tied directly to the practice EHR, to provide high-quality care coordination while encouraging people to take a more proactive role in managing their wellness.


Wellbox provides comprehensive care management solutions that are easy to adopt, easy to implement and easy to manage within any system or workflow.  Our team of experienced nurses work directly in your EHR, ensuring security, transparency, and superior coordination of care.


Wellbox is committed to creating positive healthcare experiences, enhancing patient engagement and driving better outcomes while maximizing efficiencies within pre-existing workflows and systems.


Wellbox solutions have a measurable improvement on clinical and financial performance. Preliminary clinical results of our CCM program indicate a significant decrease in emergency care and hospitalizations for Wellbox enrolled patients.

Tied to Performance

The Wellbox CCM program is tied to MIPS performance categories in order to help physicians and practices achieve high-performance scores. We can help meet 60 quality improvement measures, including 25 high-priority measures, in all six of the Quality Measure domains. 

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Aprima EHR
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