Supercharge Your Reimbursements.
Robust EDI and Revenue Cycle Management tools that are totally integrated into your CGM solutions.

eMEDIX Reimbursement Solutions

For over 30 years, eMEDIX Reimbursement Solutions have provided physician practices, hospitals, CBOs, and billing services with solutions to become more profitable with less work.


Hassle-Free Enrollment
Enrollment paperwork is a burden. It bogs your office down and clogs your revenue flow. It’s one of the top concerns we hear from providers considering a clearinghouse switch. But that shouldn’t be a barrier to better revenue management. Our enrollment experts do the heavy lifting to ensure a smooth transition for each provider while our unique back-end EDI transition process ensures minimal disruption.


Easy Claims Management
Enjoy fast reimbursements, full transparency, and reduce denials with our industry-leading solution. We process claims in real-time, giving you one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. Handle claims, payment remits, and eligibility in one, convenient system. We can manage all claim types including professional, institutional, dental, worker’s compensation, and auto accident.


Efficient Payment Management
Seamless processing of Electronic Remittance Advice reduces staff payment posting effort. Easy Claim Status response review helps you see the adjudication status of your claims so you can quickly determine any follow-ups that ensure you’re paid faster.


Smart Reporting & Analytics
Powerful reporting and analytics allow you to drill down into your data making it easy to manage your billing. We offer enhanced reporting at every stage of your revenue cycle and include robust auditing of all activity within eMEDIX.


Better Integrations with CGM Systems
Because eMEDIX is a CGM solution, we have much more freedom to create tighter integrations into our practice management systems.  Our users can expect the lines between EDI/clearinghouse and practice management to blur into one single, efficient revenue cycle management tool. Better eligibility information at the right places in your workflow.  Better claims management.  Better payments and denial management.  Integrated support from one vendor.

Available Add-Ons

Patient Responsibility Estimation*

Ensure you get paid for your services. Set your patient’s financial expectations up front with Patient Responsibility Estimation from eMEDIX. Patient Responsibility Estimation is a web-based product that allows providers to calculate through the eMEDIX site what each patient will owe the provider for services rendered.

Revenue Resolve*

Revenue Resolve by eMEDIX is an intuitive denial management solution that offers a unique approach to identifying your denied claims. It takes away the complex task of determining which denials to prioritize by automatically reviewing the Claim Adjustment Reason Code (CARC) and Remittance Advice Remark Codes (RARC) combinations assigned to each claim and assigning them to worklists that make it easy for billers to quickly turn these around and speed up your payment cycle.

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